Projects That Fit Your Requirements In Residential Construction Through Mark Mariani Armonk


If you’re thinking about doing some remodeling or renovations, it’s important to understand the different types of projects that are available to homeowners. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks, and they also require different levels of expertise on the part of contractors. So let’s take a look at what kinds of residential construction projects exist today:

A New Home Construction Project

A new home construction project is a major investment, so it’s important to consider all of your options before you start.

• Cost? Building a home should cost 25%–30% more than buying land. If you buy an acre of land for $100,000 and build a 2,000-square-foot home with four bedrooms and two baths, expect to pay $150-$200 per square foot. If your builder charges $300 per square foot, they may not be competitive.

• How long is this project? Most experts say that concrete slab foundations take about one month longer than wood frame foundations because they need more time curing before moving on to other aspects like framing. The rest relies on your area’s seasonal weather and any building delays due to unforeseen circumstances like bad weather delaying delivery times.

If You Want To Make Some Changes, Remodeling Can Be A Cost-Effective Option

Mark Mariani Armonk Renovations are frequently less expensive than new buildings because they can be completed in stages. For example, if something particular needs to be replaced—say, the kitchen or bathroom—you can save money by completing only that portion of the renovation and deferring the rest until late when finances allow for more work.

Furthermore, many homeowners choose renovations as a way to update their homes without having to move out entirely during construction, according to Mark Mariani Armonk, an experienced home designer, and landscaper. This choice has gained popularity due to rising real estate prices because it enables you to keep your equity in one property rather than move it to another.

Remodeling And Repairs

Remodeling and repairs are good for homeowners who want to add value to their homes. These projects are also a cost-effective way to improve your home. Remodeling and repairs can be done at any time of the year, so you don’t have to wait until spring or summer before getting started.