Dr Francene Gayle: Why Medical Professionals Should Know Medical Law


Medical malpractice is a serious healthcare-related issue that can have devastating consequences for patients, families, and doctors. Knowing about medical laws can help you protect patients and their families if they ever need them. But more importantly, medical professionals should have a better grasp of this special kind of statute. Dr Francene Gayle will explain why medical professionals should be knowledgeable about medical law.

Medical Law Differs From Criminal Law

Medical law differs from criminal law in that it is a special subset of civil law. Civil law governs relationships between individuals and organizations, while criminal law deals with offenses against the state or government.

Medical Malpractice Is One Of The Most Common Forms Of Medical Negligence

Medical malpractice has been considered one of the most common forms of medical negligence today. It occurs when a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional fails to provide adequate medical care and causes harm to their patient.

Medical malpractice can result in devastating consequences for patients, families, and doctors alike. Patients who suffer from any kind of medical malpractice may end up incurring large medical bills that they cannot pay due to their injuries.

Families who lose loved ones because of a doctor’s error might experience emotional trauma that may require therapy sessions with a psychiatrist – and possibly even medication. Lastly, doctors themselves may face financial strain because they are held liable for damages caused by their medical mistakes, which could include paying out settlements if sued by patients who were harmed.

The Healthcare Provider May Be Required To Pay Damages If Found Negligent

To determine whether or not a medical injury was caused by an act of negligence on behalf of a medical professional, it must first be established whether that other party had an obligation towards you under circumstances where they could have reasonably expected them.

Not only because such medical Dr Francene Gayle obligations are required under law, but also because doing so would benefit society as a whole by helping keep people safe from any harm caused by others. so if found negligent, the medical provider will be required to pay for damages caused by the malpractice.