Demystifying Psychiatric Medications: An Overview from a Certified Psychology Professional


Dr Charles Noplis is an experienced and certified psychology professional who has been actively involved in the field of psychiatry for over a decade. His expertise includes ABPN Board Certification in Psychiatry 2013, Resident Instructor for the Psychiatry Clerkship from 2008-2012, and much more.

He has also been a member of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry since 2010. In this post, Dr Noplis will provide an overview of demystifying psychiatric medications and explain why these medications are important to mental health treatment plans.
What are Psychiatric Medications?
Psychiatric medications are prescribed by a doctor or psychiatrist to treat mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

These medications often come in the form of pills, tablets, liquids, or injections and can be taken daily or as needed depending on your condition and its severity.

The main goal of these medications is to control symptoms by restoring a chemical balance in the brain so that you can better manage your mental health issues.
Benefits of Psychiatric Medications
Psychiatric medications can be extremely beneficial when used correctly and under close supervision by a qualified healthcare provider.

● They can help reduce symptoms such as mood swings, feelings of sadness or hopelessness, changes in appetite or sleep patterns, restlessness or agitation, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, low energy levels, suicidal thoughts or behavior changes.
● Additionally, taking psychiatric medications regularly may reduce the risk of relapse into severe episodes associated with some mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, if you have already had one episode in the past.
If you have been prescribed any type of psychotropic medication, it is essential to take them exactly as prescribed by your doctor and to attend all follow up appointments with him/her regularly so that your condition can be monitored carefully for optimal results.

With proper use and guidance from a qualified professional like Dr Charles Noplis you can ensure that you receive the best possible care when managing your mental health condition(s). We hope this post provided some insight into demystifying psychiatric medications!