Dayne Yeager: The Growing Role Of Technology In The Trucking Business


Technology is playing a larger role than ever in the trucking industry nowadays. From GPS tracking and telematics to fleet management software, and more, technology is changing the way people think about trucking and transportation in general. For that, Dayne Yeager will further discuss the growing role of technology in the emerging trucking business.

GPS Tracking And Telematics For Trucks

GPS tracking and telematics are two tools that have a growing role in the trucking business. GPS tracking is simply a system that uses satellite signals to locate your vehicle’s position, speed, and direction. It can be used for navigation, but it also helps with fleet management by providing information about how many miles a driver has traveled and the kind of routes they take.

Telematics is another term for “telemetry,” which means remotely transmitting data from one truck to another truck or place using radio waves or other electromagnetic waves such as light beams. In this case, it refers specifically to collecting information about how your vehicles perform while they’re being driven.

Electronic Logging Devices

The electronic logging device (ELD) has become a requirement for all trucking companies. ELDs track the location of the truck, as well as the hours that drivers are working. They can also be used to monitor speed, idle time, and other safety-related metrics.

This technology has many benefits including improving safety by monitoring driver fatigue; improving fuel efficiency by reducing idling time, and helping you stay compliant with federal regulations regarding hours-of-service limits on how long a driver may operate their vehicle before taking breaks or off-duty time.

Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is a computer program designed to help you manage your trucking fleet. It allows you to track your vehicles, their location and status, as well as their maintenance. This enables you to improve efficiency by reducing downtime and increasing driver productivity.

The software for trucking businesses also helps with cost reduction by helping you identify opportunities for trucking cost savings, such as fuel usage or tire wear patterns that can be addressed through preventive truck maintenance programs Click here Dayne Yeager.